Hong Kong (China) 12. October - 16. October

 Hong Kong is the biggest city i have been to so far. In some streets your movement is
 restricted because off all the people. The subways are sometimes (after working hours etc),
 packed with people. Like in Thailand, there are people in the streets trying to sell you
 things all the time (Kownloon). Some of the same things but also here they try to sell you
 fake things, like copy watches (rollex) etc. The most common question you will be asked are
 if you want to buy message, custom tailered suite and the copy watches. Taxies and food is
 very cheap in Hong Kong, 15 HKD (around 1,93 USD) dollar for first 2 km then 1.4 HKD every
 continuing 0.2 KM. And like everywhere else you can go with traditional asian food or with
 western food like burgers and pizza etc. Hong Kong is the only place in the world I have seen
 business people sit and have dinner at MacDonalds, in full suit. They were the mayority of the
 people in the place. This was downtown Hong Kong or Hong Kong central, in the business center.
 There is not much to do in a city but in Hong Kong you can visit one of the parks, temples,
 the buddha etc. The zoo in Hong Kong is free, and animals are in cages in a very nice park.
 There is also some very impressive architecture in the city. Here are some of the pictures I
 got down there:

 Building looking up
 Sports cars
 Hong Kong central business area
 View of city from park
   Hong Kong park  
     Busy street
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