Indonesia - Bali (22. - 28. October)
  This is also a poor country and it is the only country I have been too this far where I was
  actually a millionaire! I took out 2 million local money at the airport, but unfortunately
  it only is equivalent to about 200 USD. A cheeseburger at MacDonalds (yes it is here too)
  cost 23.000 local money. You will find MacDonalds pretty much in every country of the world.

  Everything is very cheap down here. For example you can rent a motorcycle (scooter) for 5 USD a
  day. A good hotel, close to the beach cost 30 USD a day, including breakfast! Taking a
  taxi cost almost nothing. You can buy cheap clothes etc. A bottle of water cost as little as
  0,17 USD.
  Bali is very different then the other places I have visited so far, and it is an amazingly
  beautiful country, but it also reminds me a lot of Thailand when it comes to the shop
  keepers harassing you in the streets. But like Thailand you have a lot of beautiful
  beaches, nice architecture and some interesting nature scenery.
  There are beaches where you can surf, like Kuta beach where I lived close to. Here you can
  take surfing lessons, rent / buy a surf board. Some of the scooters you can rent, has a special
  U formed arrangement on the side, so you can transport the surfboard around on the scooter,
  otherwise you need a car if your hotel is far from the beach. Other beaches are more protected
  by reefs so they are more ideal for swimming.

  Bali colourfull boat on beach
  Rice fields:
  Bali rice field
  Monkey forest:
   Monkey in monkey forest Bali  
Temple: Temple of Bali Bali temple
Architecture: Bali buildings
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