Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia (19. - 22. October)

  This is one of the cities that I instantly liked. It is a modern metropolis. There
  is a lot of things too do in the city and the areas immediately around the city. In
  the city you can see some very impressive architecture.

Pictures above: Twin towers, on a rainy afternoon.
Kuala Lumpur buildings
     Man on horse in uniform with sword
Gate Outside the city there are some amazing parks, where you are right in the middle of the rain forest, and you can see waterfalls etc. The Batu caves can be seen just a short trip outside the city. Also there is the butterfly park, orchid gardens, the largest bird park in the world, and more all located in the same area, so you can cover all of that in just one day. Batu caves:
   Stairs up to the Batu caves  Gold statue outside Batu caves Malaysia
     Inside Batu caves
Batu caves outside Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Butterfly park: Orange butterfly on yellow flower Orchid gardens:
Bird park: Colorfull bird
National Park: Inside rain forest
     Waterfall in forest Malaysia
I was here in the rainy season so it rained in the afternoon all the 2 full days that I was here, but I got too look around and saw a lot of what Malaysia has to offer, I think this is one of the places that I would like to visit again some day. Top of page All images and text on these pages are copyright © 2007 Alexander Sewe