New Zealand (12. Dec - 20. Dec) 
 New Zealand is quite a nice country, and Queenstown was my favorite city there. Price wise
 New Zealand is pretty much the same as in Australia and in fact the currency is also almost
 worth the same. In Auckland you can take a shuttle bus to and from the airport into the
 center of town for 22 dollars return, which is not too bad. The shuttle bus service is
 also available in Australia and other cities in New Zealand, and is probably the cheapest
 alternative for getting into town.
 Some battle scenes from Lord of The rings was filmed in Queenstown (Glenorchy and other)
 and also some of the scenes of some houses was filmed on the northern island. If you
 are into seeing those places in Queenstown. I saw two companies that offered trips
 out there, and one of those companies will give commentary from which scenes the different
 places was filmed etc. The price was 140 dollars and you can also get one for 99 dollars,
 which is a more nature guided tour in Glenorchy, not just specific to Lord Of The Rings.
 I am not a huge fan of Lord Of The Rings, so I did not visit Glenorchy but saw some great
 mountain landscapes that more then made up for it.
 I visited Auckland and Queenstown while in New Zealand, and also went on a day trip out
 to milford sound.
 Here are some of the pictures I got:
   Sky tower Auckland
   Auckland architecture
 Santa clause on a building  Vector arena Auckland
Queenstown: Overlooking Queenstown from top of mountain Mountain top near Queenstown Queenstown fjord Snow on mountain top Clouds over mountain near lake Lake, mountains and trees Queenstown ocean and mountain with clouds
   Milford sound waterfall
Two pictures above: Picture to the left: From a mountain top close to Queenstown and picture to the right: From Milford sound on a rainfull afternoon. Top of page
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