Philippines - Manila and Makati City (16. - 19. October)

 The Philippines is a country of contrast like everywhere else in Asia that I have been too,
 but the contrast is even higher between rich and poor down there. Its probably the
 poorest country I have been to. Lots of people, young and old are in the streets begging
 for money. Quite sad to see so many people suffering in a single country.
 In shopping malls the security guards are packing machine guns, pump shotguns etc. There
 are bomb checks in all mayor buildings where it involves some guy looking under the car with
 a mirror. In the hotel i was staying in Manila, you had to go through a security check (metal
 detector) every time you enter the building, so it was very annoying. But the truth is, the
 security has to be that strict because there is a lot of poor and desperate people and they
 are willing to go as far as killing people to get to some money.

 My suggestion is, if you are going to the Philippines, don't go to any of the mayor cities,
 unless you like shopping, because there is not much to do there and not much too see other
 then architecture. Go to some place with beaches (e.g Palawan). I was only in the Philippines
 for a couple of days, as a short stop on my way to Malaysia, and did not really like the
 cities that I visited, Manila and the nabouring city of Manilla - Makati.

 But here are some of the pictures I got:
     Robertsons shopping center
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