Spain - Mallorca (20. Dec 2008 - 04. Jan 2009)

  Norway (where I live), is extremely cold in the winter. Last year I travelled
  for most of the winter to warmer climate when I went on my trip around the world,
  but this year I am working in Norway, and therefor have to stay here for most of the
  I got away to Mallorca for a couple of weeks this December and returned to Norway
  4. January. The temperature in Mallorca was mild, sunny with around 15. - 20.
  degrees mid day, but was cold in the afternoon and during the night with temperatures
  dropping to around 5 degrees.
  Renting a bike or car is recommended when in Mallorca. There are good roads and bike
  trails pretty much everywhere.

  Can Pastilla:

  Road trip Alcudia and Arte:
  I rented a car and went up to Alcudia and also Arte. Renting a can
  in Mallorca cost from 18 / 40 Euros depending on where you rent. The
  big companies like Hertz and Avis are the most expensive. Alcudia and
  Arte is in the Northern part of the island. Nature is quite stunning
  in the Northern part and should not be missed if you are in Mallorca.


  The cathedral:

  Castell de Bellver:

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