Argentina - Buenos Aires (20. Dec - 26. Dec)
 Buenos Aires is an incredibly beautiful city. It has a lot of old style architecture
 that shapes the city and is so different then other cities I have visited around the
 world. The women are also very beautiful. There are many many good looking women here.
 The flight from New Zealand took 10.5 hour, and was with an airline called Aerlinas
 Argentinas. I spent christmas here in Argentina, but did not really get in the
 christmas spirit, because I am used to cold weather during christmas and when it is
 around 30 degrees it does not feel like christmas to me.
 Not too many people speak English here, so it can be a challenge to communicate with
 these people sometimes, but some do speak some English so it is not a huge problem, but
 learning a few words in Spanish is definitely recommended if you are planning to visit
 Price wise the prices is quite high. Surprisingly almost at the level of Australia and
 New Zealand. A bottle of water cost 1.5 AUD in a shop and 5 AUD in a restaurant. A pizza
 cost anything up to 15 AUD.

 I was mostly in the city while I was there, but was also on a one day trip out to a ranch
 outside the city.
 Here are some of the pictures that I got down there:
 Hard rock cafe Buenos Aires
 Buenos Aires public park
 Bridge over river
 Twelve lane avenue
 Farrari store Buenos Aires
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