Brazil - Rio De Janeiro 26. Dec - 02. Jan 2008
 Rio De Janeiro is a nice place to visit. My flight from Argentina to Rio was at 06.10 in
 the morning, and the flight over took approximately 3 hours. The time difference between
 Argentina and Brazil is 1 hour so I arrived at 10 am.
 The taxi in Rio is expensive. There is a subway system in Rio, and that will cost you
 10 times less then taking a taxi.
 The price for a bottle of water can vary in price, but can be as low as 0.5 USD, food
 in fast food places will cost around 5 / 6 USD.
 Things to see in Rio includes: The giant figure of Jesus (at Corcovado hill), Copacabana
 beach, the architecture in the city, sugar loaf and other.
 My HP compact camera died in Malaysia and my Canon EOS 350D that I took the pictures
 below with, was stolen in Rio. Luckily I download the pictures from the camera every
 day, so I have all the pictures I have taken from the whole trip so far on my computer
 and also on backup CDs. I bought a new compact camera, Kodak M853, 8 Mpix, so I will be
 able to document the rest of the trip with that camera.
 Like always, pictures speak more then a 1000 words:
 The big statue of Jesus at Corcovado hill Rio De Janeiro Brazil
 Overlooking Rio De Janeiro from Corcovado hill
 Copacabana beach
 Picture above: Copacabana
 Copacabana beach sand castle  
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