Croatia - Rovinj (04. April - 10. April 2009)

  I went to Croatia, and the city of Rovinj, during the easter holidays.
  The weather was warm, sunny, with over 20 degrees every day I was there.
  Rovinj is one of the smaller cities in Croatia. It is located on the
  adriatic coast, and is blessed with a mild climate year round. In the
  winter, the temperature can average around 10 degrees, but it is quite
  nice to visit in the months of April - October. The tourist season
  start in the end of April down there, and most of the tourists visit
  in June - August. The arranged tours (day trips) start in end of
  There is quite a nice park on the outer edge of the city (next to the
  marina). In the park, you can walk (for miles) in the forest / along
  the cost and relax at the beach.
  Plenty of restaurants to eat in the city and interesting architecture
  to look at, quite a beautiful country. Here are some of the pictures i
  got down there:

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