Cairo - Egypt 02. Januar - 10. Januar 2008
 There is a lot of interesting things to see in Egypt, when it comes to architecture.
 Unfortunately the country is poor and there is a lot of tourist police everywhere to keep
 tourists safe.
 The taxi drivers refuse to use a meter when you take a taxi, and that way you will always
 pay too much.
 Its quite interesting too see that a lot of the old cars that European countries can't use
 anymore because they are marked as dangerous to use on the on the road, end up in Egypt.
 All the pictures that I took in Egypt was taken with my new Kodak compact camera.
 This is some of the pictures I got there:
 Egypian swinx and pyramide
 Pyramid Egypt
 Three Egypian pyramides Cairo
 Grave chamber
 Cairo architecture
   Egypian sphinx Cairo
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