Fiji 06. Dec - 12. Dec
 I arrived to Fiji in the morning on the 6. December. The weather was a bit cloudy,
 and it rained in the afternoon that day.
 The same day I arrived, an announcement was made that a syclone was on its way, and
 that it was heading for Fiji. Luckily the syclone did not hit the island of Vitu Levu
 and Nadi, where I was staying, but unfortunately the syclone did some damage to Fiji
 on an island a little further north.
 Like on other pacific islands food and accommodation was relatively expensive.
 Vitu Levu:
 Clouds over mountain Vitu Levu Fiji
 Fiji nature
Fiji river and rain forrest Fiji hut surrounded by palm trees Mala Mala island: Mala Mala Island Fiji Beach in Mala Mala Island Fiji beach shells in sand Robinson Cruso Island: Palm tree forest
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