Japan (14. - 24. August 2009)
  I went to Japan and visit two cities while I was there: Tokyo and Kyoto. Japan is the leading
  nation on technology and are the ones that drive the technological breakthrus. I will not bore
  you with pictures of sky scrapers in this article. You can look at some of my other articles
  for skyscraper pictures from around the world. 


  When I was in Tokyo, I visited Disney World. This is quite a fascinating place to visit. I
  recommend that if you go to Disney world there, go in the morning. In the afternoon it was
  packed with people and it was very hard to get on any of the rides in the park. Some of the
  rides you had to wait 90 minutes in line to get in. Here are some of the pictures I got in
  the park:

  Picture above: Disney resort (hotel)
  Traditional Japanese dress. These ladies agreed to pose for the

Picture on the left above: Walt disney with mickey mouse
Kyoto: I took the train from Tokyo to Kyoto and the trip took around 2.5 hours. I grew very fond of Kyoto. It is an incredible city with lots of architecture and historical places to visit. I like the fact that the modern city is built around the old city. So the modern buildings are contrasted with the old. Here are some of the pictures I took in Kyoto. Top of page
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