Singapore (23. - 28. Sept)

 Singapore is a modern city in growth. The wheels keep turning 24 hours a day there. If
 you live in a hotel close to the road you will know what I talking about.

 The food and transportation in the city is quite affordable. The MRT is quite good
 and cheap way of getting around. The stations and trains are very clean and you
 can get a fine if you eat or drink on the station or the trains.

 Sentosa island

 On this island, there are some beaches where you can relax and also various other activities
 that you can do, like: 4d Magix (state of the art cinema), Underwater world, nature walk,
 Butterfly park and insect kingdom, Sky Tower and more. You can get out there from the city by
 bus or the Sentosa express.

 Overlooking Santosa island
 Giant lion statue on Sentosa Island


 This is the best zoo i have been to so far. Animals are living in a free environment.
 You even have the possibility to photograph white tigers:
 White tiger relaxing
 White tiger taking a cooling bath
 Fury zoo animal


 Butterfly park (Sentosa Island):
 In the butterfly park there are hundreds of butterflies flying freely around the park,
 and you have the possibility to photograph them close up. Here are some of the pictures
 I got, when I was there:
 Black and red butterfly in air over yellow flower
 Brown, white and black butterfly on flower
 Lizard on pink and white flower
 Picture above: A lizard was hanging around in the butterfly park.
 Bird park
 Here you can get a look at a lot of different type of birds.
 Duck sitting in green grass
 Black swan swimming
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