Australia 2 (18. January - 10. February)

 I went back to Australia, and visited for a second time. I was there for about a month and visited
 Melbourne, Adelaide, Alice Springs and Tasmania.

 Melbourne (18. - 23. January and 08. - 10 February):
 I flew in to Melbourne, from Norway. The flight was via Amsterdam and Kuala Lumpur. Melbourne
 is a great city to visit. See the Australia 1 article for pictures from Melbourne. You can
 drink the tap water in Australia, and the tap water in Melbourne is actually quite good. Some
 places the water from tap can taste of chlorine, which is used to keep the water clean. Buying
 water can be quite expensive. I met a woman in Tasmania that had been and seen the great ocean
 road in Melbourne 6 times, and I agreed with her that it was indeed one of the nicest things to
 see in the area around Melbourne.
 Adelaide (23. - 27. January):
 Another nice city. Adelaide is the city of churches, and there sure is many of them. Some good
 architecture in the city and otherwise there is beach that you could visit.
 Alice Springs 27. January - 02. February(with Uluru and Kings Cannion trip):
 There is not too many people living in Alice Springs, and it is quite a laid back place.
 The desert park Alice Springs:
 Alice springs desert park
 Alice springs red sand desert road
 I went on a two day trip from Alice Springs out to Kings Canyon and Uluru. From
 Alice Springs you can do one, two or three day trips out to Kings Canyon and
 also Uluru. Here are the pictures I got out there:
 Kings canyon:
 Kings canyon mountains
 Red sand dune:
 Red sand dune

 Kata Tjuta - The olgas:

 The olgas 

 Uluru aka Ayers Rock - close up:
 Ayers Rock
 Cave in Ayers Rock

 Tasmania (02. - 08. February):
 Tasmania is different then the other parts of Australia I have visited and even
 within Tasmania the climate varies depending on which part you are in. It rained
 a lot, when I was there, and on the first day of a three day trip to the west
 cost, it rained when we (group of 16 people) where tracking in Cradle Mountain.
 But all in all it was a great trip. Here are some of the pictures I got down
 West coast tour:
 Tasmanian lake
Tasmanian forest Tasmanian white sand and beach Waterfall in Tasmania Tasmanian river
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